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Cory Hesseltine

Founder and Owner

Seattle, Washington

Having three QuickBooks databases for a single company was a considerable hurdle for Cory Hesseltine when he was referred to Gloria in 2016. The Seattle based founder and owner of Eco Electric & Plumbing needed help — and fast. The company’s already overly-complex financial system was compromised further when Eco’s QuickBooks advisor walked off the job.

"Gloria rode in on her horse and picked up the pieces and helped us tremendously," Hesseltine said. "She reacted incredibly fast, so we didn't lose much data. I don't know how we could have done it without her."

After merging and cleaning up the databases, Gloria also oversaw the integration of Service Titan, a field service software. She tied the two systems together, combining all reports. 

Gloria also helped Hesseltine and his accounting staff conform to accrual-based accounting instead of cash, allowing Eco’s team to analyze the business's performance adequately. She trained and mentored the staff to manage several previously outsourced accounting functions.

Today, Hesseltine and Gloria continue to meet weekly via Zoom calls with Eco's operations manager and lead bookkeeper. The four discuss and address accounting and other business issues, including collections and proper job costing.

"They quickly determined regular meetings help me stay informed and help the team prioritize and solve problems proactively," Gloria said.

She's phenomenal with projections and forecasting," Hesseltine said. "She's incredibly in tune with business models. Gloria is just sharp. She knows the processes; she knows systems to handle our work and industry practices we don't.

"I trust her implicitly and know she's guiding my employees. She's very good at that. Nothing is going in or out that we don't know about."

During the COVID onset, Gloria also helped guide Eco through Payroll Protection Program logistics to ensure the small business stayed ahead of a precarious and complicated moment.

"She's straightforward and very opinionated. When you work with Gloria, you get someone who is very direct and honest with you, but you have to be ready — not everyone wants to hear the truth."

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