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Strategy + Facilitation

Executive counsel you need, when you need it. Working alongside CEOs, founders, presidents, and company leadership, I help visualize and execute the right business strategy using the best information available. Clients turn to me as a C-Level advisor and trusted sounding-board.

Informed conversations lead to the best change. I get people to talk, bring issues, ideas, and healthy conflict to the table. Leaders and their teams face difficult choices daily. Honest, respectful, facilitated conversations move teams beyond differing views to commitment. Paths may need to change, but it all starts with a conversation.

Navigating challenging waters. I bring entrepreneurial experience, facilitation, and astute accounting oversight to improve operations, manage change and build business value.

β€œIn a volatile world of company financial health, remote workforces, and new frontiers in marketing β€” I help leaders navigate critical decisions.”

Fulcrum Drive Advisory Services

CEO/Founder Retained Advisory

  • Routinely help prioritize and make decisions at various stages of business
  • Analyze financial performance to maximize opportunities and mitigate risk
  • Address concerns about team dynamics, performance and incentives
  • Visualize and facilitate successful exit strategies

Leadership Team Facilitation

  • Lead strategic planning conversations to drive initiative commitments
  • Assess strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Review financial performance and implications with management team
  • Formulate plans to maximize customer value, improve margins and profits

Clients + Experience

Meet the businesses who have found success with Fulcrum Drive

Behind the Drive

As a trusted advisor, Gloria helps businesses move forward with confidence