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Projections + Financials

My management accounting expertise gets you to the numbers you need and depend on. Financial projections help you visualize alternative paths forward to capture opportunities and address challenges. Monthly analysis of financial statements monitors actual performance against plan so you can adapt and achieve intended results. 

I help clients see and understand information they already have. Side-by-side with business leadership, I make fundamental improvements in accounting systems and processes to support growth, meet lender requirements, and keep management informed.

Clients lean on my experience as a CEO’s financial counsel. My work quickly helps leaders improve understanding of their financial position and gain confidence in managing cash flow and making critical business decisions.

“Improve understanding of your financial position and gain confidence in all company-wide decision-making.”

Fulcrum Drive Accounting Services

Modeling & Budgeting

  • Develop models to project profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow statements based on business initiatives
  • Create budgets and forecasts in QuickBooks and other accounting apps

Accounting System Improvements

  • Evaluate your needs, recommend, and help you implement accounting and bookkeeping improvements
  • Measuring profitability by job, division, or product line
  • Facilitate a transition to an ERP system to meet your growing needs

Financial Statement Analysis

  • Instruct leaders on how to read and interpret financial statements
  • Construct reports and graphs to visually monitor performance against plan

Bookkeeping Support

  • Train your staff and — if needed — provide on-going services to help you get the most out of Quickbooks or any accounting software
  • Apply tactics to save time while maintaining audit integrity

Clients + Experience

Meet the businesses who have found success with Fulcrum Drive

Behind the Drive

As a trusted advisor, Gloria helps businesses move forward with confidence