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The woman

behind the drive

Gloria helps business leaders realize success through strategic growth and fundamental organizational change. As a highly respected facilitator and business growth advisor, Gloria works shoulder-to-shoulder with founders and leaders to help them make informed decisions and create big waves. She is a trusted partner and advisor.

Gloria Sica: Facilitator + entrepreneurial strategist

Numbers tell the story, but leadership executes it. Gloria’s probing analysis of the books is just the beginning. She combines sharp advice with a solid understanding of the numbers to help businesses move forward with confidence.

Getting people to speak openly and honestly is Gloria’s secret weapon. As an engaging facilitator, Gloria taps into her experience with industries and people to generate ideas. She moves the conversation forward, involves everyone, and takes teams beyond conflict to making informed, strategic choices.

From boardrooms to trade shows, Gloria has helped reposition companies as market leaders. She’s conscious of everyone’s time and — if she's doing her job well — is always working her way out of a consulting job.

Gloria attended Oregon State University for a Bachelor's Degree in Operations Management. Her career started in accounting and business development in emerging growth software and new product development. As a business developer, she led the repositioning of an inkjet product development company to status as a global leader. As she predicted, the brand was later purchased by a client she introduced. In addition to her consulting work, she was also an instructor for the Interise Streetwise MBA program and guest expert with the University of Portland Center for Entrepreneurship.

About Fulcrum Drive:

The name Fulcrum Drive reflects pivoting combined with the driving force Gloria brings. Fulcrum Drive works well with leadership professionals who are smart, honest, and hard-working. Gloria is based in Philomath, Oregon, and works with clients up and down the West Coast.

Strategy + Facilitation

The executive counsel you need, when you need it.

Projections + Financials

Get financial insights quickly and numbers that you depend on.