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Jim Consolo


Lake Oswego, Oregon

Gloria was referred to Jim Consolo, President and Founder of Integrated Power Systems (IPS), by his CPA.

With Gloria's help, the power reliability technical firm implemented and streamlined accounting systems and software.

"I have a business degree, and I have an accounting degree, but I'm not a CFO. I needed to know we were doing our books correctly," Consolo said. "She showed our team the right way to handle the books and close them out every month .... which means the world to our bank. I have a great credit line, and the bank loves Gloria. They know our books are spot-on accurate. Banks don't give out loans to small companies without seeing their books are in order."

"We upgraded to QuickBooks Enterprise, and Gloria helped me hire an incredible bookkeeper. She likes to find out what's going on and fix things. She digs in, and then we laugh about it. She's easy-going and fun to work with."

Gloria's advisory role began in March of 2016 and continues today. She reviews IPS's monthly financial statements and serves as a sounding-board for Jim.

She used to be a CFO — so you can go from very low-level 'how do we enter this in QuickBooks?' to a high level 'should we be expanding across the country?

When IPS acquired another company, Gloria was involved.

"She helped negotiate the price of the business. It was game-changing for us. We now do inter-company business. She's asking 'what products should we drop what should we pick up and what are our margins?'"

"Gloria helped us merge the books between the two companies from two different platforms. There are strategies for that. Now, if we get audited, I know everything is done right."

"We don't have human resources; we're 12 people, so Gloria's invaluable to me. She understands my business, and I call on her for C-Level decisions."

"Most small business leaders don't have anyone to collaborate with and would benefit from Gloria's partnership. She brings up aspects I haven't thought of and is always available to me. During the start of COVID, she stayed up to date with the Paycheck Protection Program. I had help from my bank, but most small businesses didn't know what to do. Gloria kept all her clients updated. She called to check in on all of us."

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