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Doris Yeh

CEO and CoFounder

Cupertino, California

When Gloria started working with Mirapath, a digital infrastructure company based in Cupertino, California, she quickly assessed the company’s financial situation for founder and president, Doris Yeh.

“In 2 days, Gloria said, ‘Doris, this is how much you need to make to be profitable,’ and she started working with my accounting manager to do this,” Yeh said. “She also advised me to hire someone on a higher managerial level to oversee my finance. She helped me write the role and, ultimately, helped hire our Vice President of Finance and Operations.”

“She has the leadership skills to know what’s best for the company. As a leader, you have to be selfless — to do what’s right for the organization. She’s been this trusted person who looked at our business from the outside and wanted to bring the best to Mirapath and help us continue to grow.”

Gloria also focused on Mirapath’s leadership development and sales coaching. She facilitated multiple leadership team meetings as well as the “all-hands” annual meeting.

“Most consultants want to come on and stay on forever, but Gloria writes herself out of a job by looking out for the company. She truly cares for the success of Mirapath, and as a CEO, that’s important to me.” 

She cares beyond the parameters she’s been hired in. She wants to make an impact, holistically. When a CPA looks at the books — the books don’t explain everything. Gloria extrapolates herself from the numbers to see how it relates to the whole business.

Gloria is the first person Yeh will call in the future for Mirapath’s growth or change. “Surround yourself with people who want you to be successful and tell you where you are strongest and where you have work to do.”

“When push comes to shove — what did your consultant do for you? Gloria has been different in many ways. When a consultant becomes a trusted friend and advisor — you’re going to call on them for the lifetime of your business.”

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